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Providing compassion and dignity in guiding divorcing couples towards the mutual creation of workable settlements.


Every divorce involves the dismantling of once mutual dreams and goals between two individuals.  The process can be both emotionally charged and disorienting for one or both parties as well as any children of the couple and extended family members.  Oftentimes at this juncture, trust and goodwill are lacking, and fear, anger, and uncertainty fill the void. Couples are vulnerable to poor and volatile decision-making at this time.

Collaborative Divorce provides the means for couples to defuse this volatility, enabling them to divorce with dignity, privacy, less stress, and greater control over the outcome.

At Baldwin Collaborative Law, we help you reach agreement in your divorce and separation in a supportive, respectful and cost-effective manner, allowing you and your spouse to make the decisions about your future and your children's future - without going to court.

Complimentary 45-minute consultation for individuals dedicated to seeking a non-litigation divorce.

L. Brooks Baldwin              Attorney/Mediator     


Collaborative Divorce & Mediation Services

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Brooks' philosophy in people separating from each other is to go through the process in a civil and amicable manner without the use of adversarial legal professionals. Brooks advocates very persuasively and convincingly the use of a collaborative process in addressing the needs and wants of all parties concerned in a separation and divorce.

Her approach to dealing with the practicalities of “life” while someone is going through such a vulnerable and traumatic phase in life is at once sensitive, tactful, and pragmatic. It gives me the greatest of pleasure in endorsing Brooks as a collaborative divorce attorney.

~ David